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These are exciting times in Oklahoma.  New growth, new leadership and new pride.  My new blog looks at ways we can turn that optimism into new business opportunities.

Bob interviewed by Oklahoman: Q&A with Bob Funk: 4 cures needed to treat shrinking labor force,

4 cures needed to treat shrinking labor force, staffing exec says Q: There are more than 5.5 million jobs open in America and we have a low unemployment rate of 4.7 percent. Still, only 27 percent of Americans are satisfied with the economy, according to December findings by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Gallup polling. Don't low unemployment rates typically signal a strong economy? A: Historically, yes. Lower unemployment rates have coincided with positive sentiments about the economy and the country; they've been the go-to metric for economists, journalists, politicians and commentators. But they're not a true depiction of the state of today's economy. Q: So what's causing the negativ

Bob says new job creation is sparking hiring trend: More Businesses Expressing Intent to Hire This Y

Economic reforms in Washington, D.C., may incentivize companies to continue this trend More businesses are expressing their intent to hire new workers this year, according to a survey from Express Employment Professionals. The group asked nearly 2,000 businesses whether they planned to hire workers in the first quarter of 2017 and whether these employees would fill existing or new positions. Seventy-six percent of businesses said they planned to hire workers during this time, which is an increase from the 72 percent that said so in the last quarter. It is also a jump from the first quarter of 2016 when 69 percent of businesses said they planned to hire new workers. Only 9 percent of business

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