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These are exciting times in Oklahoma.  New growth, new leadership and new pride.  My new blog looks at ways we can turn that optimism into new business opportunities.

Bob Funk: Why I love Clydesdales.

Folks often ask why I picked the Clydesdale horse breed several decades ago to represent our flagship brands. “Well…for several reasons,” I exclaim with a smile. a) Clydesdales are majestic giants from the Isle of Clyde in Scotland. Through generous scholarships from FFA and Rotary, I was able to obtain my graduate studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. I love this country’s proud heritage, beautiful landscapes and rich culture. b) Clydesdale hitches are symbolic to our business environment: our associates ‘pull together as a team…creating much greater strength than working alone ”. c) Clydesdales are one of the most recognizable horse breeds in the world today, thanks to their m

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