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Bob Funk is always pushing his personal limits and betting on himself.

Raised in Duvall, WA 

Grew up working on a family-owned dairy farm

Loving parents and a solid foundation of family values

A community like any other in that time in America

Letterman in multiple sports and passion for competition

Worked his way through college at Seattle Pacific University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration and Theology and Master of Arts Degree; also presented with Honorary Doctorate of Public Service

University of Edinburgh, Scotland Completed graduate studies

Oklahoma Baptist University

Honorary Doctorate of Law

Southern Nazarene University

Honorary Doctorate of Law

Began career at ACME Personnel, a Washington-based staffing company, and was employed with them for 17 years.

ACME transferred Bob Funk to Oklahoma where he started his family

Growing as a family behind loving leadership

Faith has always guided Bob Funk's giving spirit

In1983, Bob Funk  co-founded Express Employment Professionals (formerly Express Personnel Services), now a multi-billion dollar operation that employs millions.

A life rich in purpose, love, success and philanthropy, Bob Funk continues to give to his community through local charities, helps people find jobs.

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