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Bob's Favorite Quotes


“I agree with Ronald Reagan who said that ‘the best social program is a job.’ It helps with social and financial problems.  We’ve assisted hundreds of thousands of people find employment which helps them from both a mental and spiritual standpoint.” Bob Funk

“I cannot imagine a more rewarding career than employing people and helping the family breadwinner with a good job.  My career has truly been a ministry:  giving people hope for a bright future.” Bob Funk   

“Youth, education and agriculture are my passions. There is no school room like the lessons learned on the milkin’ end of a cow at six in the morning. Hard work, leadership, faith and dependability are the lessons kids learn every day as members of the FFA.  I love this 90-year-old organization, and I love its mission to forge a pathway of leadership, growth and career success for rural students.”  Bob Funk

“Growing up on a dairy farm taught me some of life’s greatest lessons – the value of hard work, long hours, putting  the animals first and teamwork.  The Oklahoma Youth Expo shares those values with thousands of students each year.” Bob Funk

“Oliver Wendell Holmes claimed, ‘One flag, one land, one heart, one hand, One Nation ever more!’ This statement sums up my perspective of the United States of America.  What a blessed life my family, my associates and I have enjoyed based on the unbridled freedom, human ingenuity and capitalist environment of this great country.” Bob Funk

“Education is a great investment which positively enables one’s future while also inspiring and greatly influencing surrounding loved ones.” Bob Funk

“When I travel the world and tell people about Oklahoma, more than anything I love telling them about what makes Oklahoma a great place to live.  It’s not just sunsets and wide-open plains, it’s truly our great people.” Bob Funk 

“The Express Clydesdales have been a source of great pride and enjoyment in my life.  I respect and admire these gentle giants and enjoy seeing kids’ sense of awe when they are up close to these majestic animals which stand 16 hands tall.” Bob Funk



















“Winston Churchill was correct when he said, ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’ Charity has enormous and impactful influences in a person’s life.  Giving isn’t only about what it does for others; it is also about what it does for us.” Bob Funk  

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