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Bob's Friends Speak Out

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“Bob Funk provides a modern-day example that hard work, perseverance, and western values are the cornerstone of success in this great nation.  Today and tomorrow – individuals who adopt Bob’s philosophies of how to build a brand and how to treat people will have a fighting chance at the American Dream.” Frank Keating, Former Oklahoma Governor

“Yukon, Oklahoma has a business rock star and his name is Bob Funk.  I have watched Bob do so many amazing things – his accomplishments in personnel staffing, seed stock cattle, land restoration and patriotic duty is unmatched.”

“The more I am around Bob Funk the more I’m reminded of great visionary leaders who hail from the ‘fly over states’. Bob has a passion and ability to create wealth and success for others – virtues not often found in Los Angeles and NYC.  Bob is an icon for those looking to build businesses the right way.” Tom Selleck, Award-winning Actor



“Many times it has been said to me ‘A man is never so tall, as when he stoops to help a child.’ This makes Bob Funk a giant.  What an impact he has had on Agriculture and FFA, both statewide and nationally.  Thanks Bob.” Jack Staats, State Program Administrator/ Oklahoma FFA advisor

“In all the days I have known Bob, he has never turned down a request to help out hurting families associated with my non-profit.  Not once!  This is almost un-heard of in today’s time-crunched environment with so many handouts for charitable gifts and material contributions.” Toby Keith, American County Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Record Producer

“For all his accomplishments, I respect Bob most for his vision, integrity, patriotism and commitment to serve this great country.” Alan Greenspan, American Economist who served as Chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006

“Bob Funk is my kind of Oklahoman.  He sets the standard for enthusiastic giving, charm and wide smiles matching our wide open spaces.  I treasure his friendship.”  Barry Switzer, NCAA Head Football Coach and Super Bowl Champion

“Without reliable and outstanding commitment from leaders like Mr. Funk, FFA would not be able to help build strong character in its members, who in turn become strong leaders in their families, communities and businesses.” National FFA Chief Executive Officer Mark Poeschl

“With Bob’s leadership, Oklahoma Youth Expo’s (OYE) support of youth in Oklahoma has doubled over the last decade awarding students with over $2 million in premiums and scholarships.” Tyler Norvell, OYE Executive Director


“Bob is a key reason OYE is the largest youth livestock show in the world.  His involvement as Chairman and lead donor has made a huge difference for this incredible organization.” Randy Gilbert, OYE Board Member

“Bob Sr. has been a great partner, mentor and advocate in our sports businesses.  He’s always been there to offer guidance and encouragement reaching for excellence in all that we achieve.  Bob Sr.’s greatest asset is his love of people. It is that very philosophy that has sculpted our fans first mindset; a mindset that is foundational to every team, event and organization we operate.” Bob Funk, Jr

“This country needs more people like Bob Funk. An honest, humble, hard working visionary who set out to achieve big goals and take people with him on his way up.  What a treat to befriend a man who is comfortable with his faith, principles, goals, achievements as well as shortcomings.” Donald Trump, Jr., American Businessman

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