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These are exciting times in Oklahoma.  New growth, new leadership and new pride.  My new blog looks at ways we can turn that optimism into new business opportunities.

How can we continue to allow a zip code to determine the future of a child’s education?

It’s a tricky question that is actually bringing Washington D.C. together and I’m all for it. Students deserve a great education in the United States of America! While our country has become bitterly divided over many political issues, I believe this is a statement we can all agree upon. Despite our divisions, the notion of empowering parents for educational freedom is a bipartisan idea that is gaining momentum and I’m a proponent. As an ardent conservative, I surprisingly find myself honoring liberals Corey Booker and Sheila Jackson Lee for their record on the subject. In the State of the Union speech, President Donald Trump called on Congress to pass H.R. 1434, the Education Freedom Schol

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