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One Nation Under God

By Bob Funk, Sr.

The greatest nation in modern time – the United States of America – was specifically designed with God in mind by it’s founders. And now some folks who have adopted a ‘shame on America for being so successful in a mere 200 years’ mantra…are now working hard to take God out of our nation’s original doctrines.

Let’s poll our constituents: Would you rather have a country react to evil with vigils, rhetoric and malicious intent (riots, brick throwing, murder and arson) or aim for a peaceful society where kids can play in the front yard and neighbors of all race, religion and ethnicities get along as ‘love thy neighbor’ neighbors.

In which example can we heal America’s disunity, frustration and anger? In which example can our youth grow up without fear and live in a safe, friendly and productive environments?

I am enamored with Thomas Jefferson’s view, “Of all the systems of morality, ancient or modern, which have come under my observation, none appears to me so pure as that of Jesus.”

What did Thomas Jefferson, who was not a Christian, see in those teachings that captured his appreciation? Always consider other people more important than yourself. We’ve been set free to serve. Never return evil for evil. Love thy Neighbor. Strive for servant hood (and be a servant leader in business), rather than seek power. Be an encourager, not a denigrator.

Unfortunately, secularists, in advancing their agenda of division, fear and disruption, have turned many against these teachings. Teachings that were powerful staples in building and shaping this great country and continue to hold the answers in the healing of our nation.

Forgiveness impressed Jefferson the most. As Jesus was poked, stabbed and hoisted onto His cross, he uttered, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”


Look at your own businesses, associations, clubs and friend groups. Do they launch, support and endorse efforts that embody the notion that anger and hate drives out hatred (eye for an eye); or do they promote the idea that love – above all else - drives out hate and delivers peace, hope and serenity.

Rachel’s Challenge embraces the exhortation of Rachel Scott, the first Columbine victim, to create a chain reaction of kindness which works to end bullying and drug abuse.

ACE Scholarships enable low-income students to attend private schools of their parents’ choice.

Water4, a ministry-based organization headquartered in Oklahoma City, designs and installs water wells in third-world countries (providing mission-critical access to clean water) independent of governments, religion or cultural differences between villages.

Ronnie Irani founded OKC Respond, another Oklahoma City-based 501(c)3, which advances what they call the OpportUNITY initiative based on delivering teamwork and leadership principles to inspire urban youth. This is also tied to Thrive Outside where the OKC Boathouse has made outdoor lifestyle culture accessible to over 10,000 youth. And of course I support many charitable organizations in the agribusiness space (like Oklahoma Youth Expo and FFA) which involve youth, hard work, and risk-reward opportunities. These programs welcome people of every ethnicity, political and religious persuasion and provide an opportunity to learn, compete, be patriotic, give back and earn scholarships for higher education. These organizations are founded on a harmonious mission-based platforms which expresses love, compassion, education and opportunity to our fellow man.

Which route will you champion?

Let’s listen to Thomas Jefferson’s assessment of all the great concepts Jesus articulated and support our nation’s pastors, Christian business leaders and fellow Christ-followers.

Let’s focus on making the world a better place for all Americans, whether Christian or secularist, Republican, Democrat or Independent, black, white, yellow or brown.

Let’s adopt strategies of kindness, forgiveness and ‘love thy neighbor’ principals and apply them in our home, workplace and community.

Let’s leave ‘One Nation. Under God.’ in our Nation’s pledge and encourage it to be learned, orated and honored by future leaders in classrooms across America.

May God richly bless each of you and your families, your businesses, your teams, your churches and your selected charitable organizations in 2022 and beyond.


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