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Supporting education supports our state

This is the time of year when school bells ring, yellow buses make their rounds and teachers stand at the doorway of newly decorated classrooms awaiting students who are about to embark on another year of school. No matter the age—going back to school is a major life milestone.

When I moved to the great state of Oklahoma to launch various enterprises related to Express Employment Professionals, I had the opportunity to connect with many higher education institutions, Career Tech systems and common education schools. For 11 years I served on the Piedmont School Board; I worked with the International Franchise Association Education Foundation Board of Trustees; currently, I am a board member of the Oklahoma Independent College Foundation; I am a member and former chairman of the Oklahoma Baptist Board of Trustees; I serve on the advisory council for Oklahoma Christian University of Science and Arts Business and am a longtime supporter and contributor of Career Tech.

I am passionate about education and believe in the opportunities it brings to our youth.

Of course, I have great respect for the University of Oklahoma for many reasons (including a perennially great football program), but I best connected with Oklahoma State University because of our shared vision in Agri-Business and common cowboy values.

On September 1, 2005 I was blessed with the incredible opportunity to make a substantial gift to OSU Athletics during the “Next Level” stadium campaign which sought to support Oklahoma State University’s intercollegiate athletic program. I was overwhelmed to receive an on-field recognition alongside philanthropic legend Boone Pickens. That same year I was awarded the OSU department of Animal Sciences Distinguished Service Award. In 2014, I was named the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (DASNR) champion by the OSU DASNR. I was thrilled when I was told I’m OSU’s largest non-alumni donor! I have thoroughly enjoyed the incredible experiences and rewarding friendships within the OSU community.

No matter the award or recognition, I find the most joy in knowing that the young minds of our state are supported in their educational, athletic and extracurricular endeavors—that matters the most and will set Oklahoma up for success in the future.

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