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Express Provides Employees Up to $5,000 per Dependent for Dependent Care

New program from Express Employment Professionals will give employees as much as $5,000 to help offset the costs for dependent care services. The goal is to make family and professional life easier for workers.

Express CEO and chairman of the board, Bob Funk, told his employees about his plan to help offset the rising cost of raising children by offering regular full-time corporate employees up to $5,000 per dependent annually to help pay for dependent care services.

“This program could be a life changer for so many people who work hard and need a little extra help,” Funk said. “Child care is expensive and it is becoming more and more difficult for parents, especially single parents, to keep up with these costs. We want to ease that financial burden for our employees.”

Express currently offers headquarters employees a flexible spending account (FSA) where they can put money into the account for child care on a pre-tax basis. This program will work like the FSA, where the employee will submit receipts for reimbursement, however, Express will cover the cost. A family with three children under age 13, for example, could gain as much as $15,000 to help them pay for their child care needs.

“As I watched the 2016 Presidential campaign,” Funk said, “I noticed both candidates say they wanted to do something to help working families with kids. It struck my heart and I thought, ‘Why don’t I just go ahead and do it myself?’ So I did.”

In addition to offering the dependent care program, Express announced a new health check screening program that includes an annual full body scan for headquarters employees age 45 and older, as well as virtual colonoscopies for employees age 50 and older every five years.

Express Employment Professionals has a long-term goal to put a million people to work annually. With the international headquarters based in Oklahoma City, Express put a record 500,002 people to work in 2015 in a variety of industries. Express provides expertise in evaluation hire, temporary staffing, professional search and human resources.

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