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Express, KFOR Honor Metro Employees with MVP Award

Express, KFOR Honor Metro Employees with MVP Award

Bob Funk, Express Employment Professionals and KFOR awarded the first Most Valued Performer of the Month award this June to honor outstanding Oklahoma employees for the positive impact they have on their companies.

OKLAHOMA CITY - Inside the busy headquarters of Continental Resources in downtown Oklahoma City is a hardworking and beloved employee named Jeff Pinkerton.

Jeff loves coming into work, and he's popular among his coworkers.

He also has a challenge; he's hearing impaired. However, that does not hold him back.

Recently, he walked into the surprise of a lifetime.

All of his coworkers gathered around as he won a new award created by Bob Funk of Express Employment Professionals, along with the help of News 4, which recognizes hardworking and outstanding employees from any company in Oklahoma.

Jeff, the first recipient of the "MVP Award of Excellence," was overwhelmed by this honor.

"First and foremost, he's just a great human being. I met him almost 15 years ago," said Mel Ables, Manager at Continental Resources." He inspires me, inspires me to do better and that's why I love him and love having him on my team."

So, what does Jeff plan to do with the $5,000 dollars?

"Whatever my wife wants to do with it," he said.

One more perk with receiving the MVP award - he gets his own, reserved and primeparking spot.

To nominate a MOST VALUABLE PERFORMER for the future please follow this link.

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