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Bob Funk and Express Ranches Celebrate Top Angus Seedstock in America

I love to walk through the pasture and catch the gaze of a female Angus.

She is a credit to her breed with her striking black coloring, perky ears, blocky build and fine genes—the best in the cattle industry, in fact. It is an unforgettable sunrise experience on horseback to look across the land, dotted with thousands of cattle listening to them rustling through the grass, bellowing and snorting to each other. During these times, I imagine the hundreds of thousands of cattle that passed through our land on the Chisholm Trail, moving cattle from Texas to the railyards in Kansas. They used longhorn cattle in those days, but continuous herd improvements now put Angus on this land.

Angus and Express Ranches

I grew up on the farm and loved working the livestock. I started raising my own herds here in Oklahoma in 1989 and began the Angus seedstock in 1994. Angus is the most common breed of beef cattle in America, and Express Ranches is the number one Angus breeder in the country. There are more Angus in the U.S. than the next seven breeds combined. They are known for their docile manners, naturally polled (no horns) heads and their ability to adapt to their environment hot or cold – all of which helps keep them low maintenance for the ranch hands working our herds. The Angus and I both have Scottish connections. The breed originated in Aberdeen, Scotland. I lived and was educated in Scotland for a time and fell in love with the country.

Angus Females

Express Ranches female Angus are standouts. They have high fertility rates and short gestation periods which ease calving and allow for superior milking. They also have strong maternal instincts. Their calves are born small but grow fast. We've dedicated 20,000 acres to these animals across Oklahoma. In addition to Angus, we keep Herefords on our land for crossbreeding purposes. Herefords help lower the rate of birth problems and help our calves stay strong; they are genetically vital to improve yearling performance and growth.

Angus Bulls

Registered Angus bulls are the king and unrivaled beef leaders. When you see that impressive muscular crest over the neck and black coloring head to hoof, you know you are looking at a superior Angus bull. You treat this guy with respect if you encounter one in the field. If they glare at you or turn to show you their physique, it’s time to say Adios! Angus bulls typically weigh in at 1800 to 2300 pounds; the females weigh 950 to 1200 pounds in comparison. These bulls are genetic champions; they keep our herds vigorous, hardy and profitable.

The Business Breed

While the bulls hold the herd DNA - steers make Angus the “business breed”. Americans love Angus beef. Certified Angus Beef has provided a consistent, premium beef market for decades, and the consumer demand for it continues to climb. I can tell a good cut of Angus beef by the high marbling, how the knife glides through the meat, the juices and of course, the tremendous flavor.

Angus are magnificent animals, and I’m committed to the preservation and continued improvement of this exceptional breed.

Come See Us

You and your family are cordially invited to see these magnificent animals in an authentic ranch environment. Located across the road from the Express Clydesdale Barn in Yukon, OK, just pull your vehicle up next to the road and gaze out across the plains to view our angus herd grazing, calfing or coming to water under the evening’s sun set.

Under the America flag – just off of Wilshire – is my favorite place to take in this beautiful view. Heck, I might just join you.


12701 W Wilshire Blvd, Yukon, OK 73099


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