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2022 Christmas Message

One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Mary, did you know” written by the great humorist/songwriter Mark Lowry. While Mark wrote the tune in 1984 as part of a script for a church Christmas play, it has become world-famous and featured on popular Holiday song lists played across the globe.

The song’s lyrics state: 'Mary, did you know, that your baby boy is Lord of all creation? … This sleeping child you’re holding is the great 'I am!'

How could anyone have known? Who could have guessed it?

That the Almighty, Eternal God would in his wisdom and mercy, quietly come into our world in the frailty of a baby! Born in the small town of Bethlehem in a distant corner of the Roman Empire, he would be named 'Jesus.' The name means, 'he will save,' save his people from their sins. He would be called 'Emmanuel' – it means, 'God is with us.'

The best Christmas gift we can give each other is to share time with loved ones and strangers alike, proclaiming the joyous tidings that 'God is with us.' While our world, our country and our communities are often witnesses to violence, prejudice and fear, Christmas is a wonderful time for us to counter these ills by loving each other as deeply as God loved us by sending us his son.

Blessings this Christmas season to my treasured family, friends, colleagues and associates –



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