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Bob Funk: 'The more you help people, the more successful your life becomes'

Bob Funk says he realized the ministry was not his calling when he found there was a "great awakening at the end of every sermon."

Yet, if ministry's mission is hope, Funk found his calling — and success helping families and communities — by giving individuals a leg up in the job market


Funk co-founded Express Employment Professionals, begun in 1983 in Oklahoma City, and serves the company as chairman and chief executive officer.

Growing from 30 franchises in 11 states in 1984, Express reported matching 540,000 job-seekers with about 84,000 companies in three countries in 2017.

The privately held staffing firm reported $3.4 billion in sales and just awarded its 800th franchise.

Funk's aim is for 900 franchises helping 1 million people find work annually.

That, in a nutshell, is Bob Funk's secret to success.

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