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These are exciting times in Oklahoma.  New growth, new leadership and new pride.  My new blog looks at ways we can turn that optimism into new business opportunities.

Q&A with Bob Funk: $15 minimum wage could mean higher prices, lost jobs

Q: With the steady improvement of the country's economy and its current low unemployment rate, some politicians and the government are calling for an increase in minimum wage. Why has this become such a polarizing issue for business and their employees? A: Families are feeling the effects of wage stagnation, so it's no surprise activists have mobilized. Politicians have seized the issue in an attempt to garner votes. Coast-to-coast, calls for $10 minimum wage were replaced by calls for a $12 minimum wage. Now a $15 minimum wage is the rallying cry. Cities and states have begun debating and implementing this higher wage, some immediately, some incrementally. But no one is asking if this is re

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